Friday, 11 January 2013


Took it relativity easy in the gym last night. Ten minute warm up on the cross trainer, five minutes on the rowing machine, a few reps of weights and then five minutes on the exercise bike. Feel a little stiff today, nowhere near how I felt after judo and my latest fitness app tells me I didn't burn many calories. But it's good to be doing something regular. Going again Sunday. Nice going with a friend. Makes it feel less of a chore. Two times a week, coupled with three hours of drumming, should do me okay.

Glad it's Friday. Bored out of my mind in work. Got new Nexus 7 yesterday. Prompt delivery. Very impressed. Played about with it this morning and now I'm bored again. Lunch soon. Left over pasta with some tinned mackerel I think and of course, a bit of Bargain Hunt!

Laura's out skating tonight so it's just me and Ada. Got the first volume of the Pixar Shorts for Christmas, so I might watch that with her. Then a bit of LEGO Lord Of The Rings. My brother's lent me Assassin's Creed III but I can't bring myself to play it as I haven't finished Assassin's Creed: Revelations yet... but I can't be bothered to play that.

Dunno what I'm going to do about Ni No Kuni when it comes out... Wasn't that fussed on the demo to be honest, but I love Ghibli and I'm sure the story will be great. What I'm really waiting for though is the new SimCity out in March. Can't wait!

Take care x

Thursday, 10 January 2013


Off to the gym tonight for the first time in a desperate attempt to get fit and lose weight. Going with Tom and it'll be a regular thing, so hopefully he can keep me motivated. Hate the idea of doing exercise just for the sake of it...

Nexus 7 broke, Google have been pretty good about it. A few useless customer services people, but finally got it sorted and a new one is being delivered today.

Washing machine has been broke for ages. Having to go to parents and friends houses to do washing. Pain in the arse. But it'll either be fixed in the next few days or we'll be buying a new one. Laura's grandparents have offered to pay for one, which is really nice of them.

We're not doing so great financially at the moment. Struggling to find any disposable income to do anything with, so we're doing a whole lot of nothing at the moment. Thank God for DVD box sets.

Band is on the up and up. Without even trying, we've been offered loads of gigs and have been included in ones to watch for 2013 lists in local newspapers. Got a lot more stuff going on than I can say on here, but keep an eye on the band blog and Facebook. Been writing a new song for a while that started coming together nicely yesterday.

Had a nasty bout of depression before Christmas brought on by work troubles and lack of money, but been really good since.

Had a nice Christmas, although it's always so busy as we have a massive family. Got some nice things. Great food. Amazing gravy!

Work's really quiet at the moment. Will pick up next week, but been so bored this week.

Ada's in nursery. Enjoying it. Looks forward to going every morning. Comes home in a good mood and is generally better behaved and sleeping better.

Will let you know how the gym goes.

Take care x

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


I got a new tattoo on the weekend. It's of the wolf form of Amatarasu, a Japanese sun god. Got it done by my mate Gave at Distinctive Design in Trefforest. Really chuffed with it. it's gonna form the bottom of a three quarter length sleeve on my left arm which will consist of Studio Ghibli and computer game characters such as Totoro, Pikachu and Ico.

Here's the game which my tattoo is based on. Just got re-released on PlayStation Network for sixteen pounds. Amazing game and really long. Stunning graphics. Played it the first time round on the PlayStation 2. If you haven't played it, download it! It's awesome!

Gig tonight with Local Sports Team supporting Easter in Undertone, Cardiff. Excited! :)

Take care x

Friday, 9 November 2012


[insert default non-blogging apology here]

So what have I been doing since we last spoke? Well, my band, Local Sports Team have recorded our first EP. It's called LATVIA and is out on the 12th of December. We'll be playing a gig at Undertone in Cardiff to celebrate and selling the EP there. We recorded five songs in three days at Sound Space in Cardiff where we practice. Pretty happy with the results. Obviously it could be better with more time, but time costs money and money, we don't have. So it is what it is, but we're happy with it. It's gonna look great too, can't wait to show of the EP sleeve!

We've been sending out promos to DJs and reviewers. Sent one to Mark Riley and the NME which was totally surreal for me. Good fun though. We've even got badges!

Wanna hear what we sound like? Well handily, there's a preview track from the EP on SoundCloud and you can listen to it here:


My birthday has come and gone. Thirtieth. Big deal? Not really. I'm just a big kid in a man's body and that's the way I intend to stay. I got LEGO and a LEGO computer game, I went go karting with friends and generally had a good time :)

Ada's third birthday has also come and gone. She was spoiled rotten. Loads of prezzies, cinema, bowling, a meal with friends, so many sweets! It took her a few days to come down from it all. But she's back to her usual sweet self now :)

Ada dressed as Harry Potter for Halloween. I'm reading the first book to her at the moment and she enjoys watching me play LEGO Harry Potter. We went trick or treating and she got a good bagful of sweets. Our street seems really family friendly with loads of kids trick or treating and plenty of folk, willing to participate :)

I've splashed out and bought a new winter coat and hat, both tweed. Am always very dubious when it comes to trying out a new look, but I guess I was just in the right mood that day and went for it. No regrets since and not even one funny look for wearing a flat cap with no sense of irony. Good thing. Also got some new shoes as mine are less than water tight. Was gonna go for some Adidas ones as I've wanted some for ages, but they've had those silly toes. Finally found some without and then decided that the K-Swiss looked better. Third K-Swiss in a row now.

Lots of stuff to look forward to with Local Sports Team gigs (one next week), Shane's birthday party and Christmas. I love Christmas.

Speaking of which, I'm giving up on weight loss. Not that I've tried that hard, but no matter what I do, something always happens so that I put it all back on again. I'm constantly fluctuating between a hundred and ninety pounds and two hundred pounds. Not ideal, but as long as I don't get any heavier, I think I'm okay with that. We'll have to see what Christmas does to me... :/ Where's the Quality Street?!

Take care x

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Loss this week: 0lbs
Overall Loss: 0lbs
Pounds till target: 33lbs

I put it all back on... Holiday's do that to me. What can I say? Start again... and then there's my birthday, full of drinking... and then there's Christmas... It's never ending. At least I'm staying consistently at this weight on average. Not my ideal by any means. I really don't wanna be any bigger.

In other news, I'm getting really excited about recording our EP as Local Sports Team. It all starts this weekend with our first day in the studio. Been busy doing lots of designing and sorting gigs. It's gonna be a lot of fun.

Laura started on our bedroom last night. It's gonna take a while, but it should look really nice.

Work's going okay. Looking forward to working on the next project which is all about someone I know.

Looking forward to my birthday at the end of the month. Asked for lots of really cook things. Hope I get them or at least some money to buy them with. Had my main present already of course, my Nexus 7. Going go-karting and friends have arranged something for me as a surprise. I hate surprises. But I haven't made too much of a fuss about this one... 

Take care x

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Loss this week: 2.5lbs
Overall Loss: 10.5lbs
Pounds till target: 17.5lbs

Not bad. Unexpected. Holiday next week for two weeks. Holiday usually means eating lots, but we're camping for two weeks... So it might be okay. Off to the Lake District. Should be nice if the weather's any good.

Moved the bedroom around last night. Going to have a look at a tallboy tomorrow evening. Bought a standing mirror for twenty pounds off Gumtree. Gonna paint the room when we're back off holiday. Once we're done with that we're gonna look at getting a loan to do the kitchen and dining room all in one go. The most serious home improvement so far. Gonna involve some crazy stuff like stripping out the whole kitchen and starting again and possibly polishing concrete floors! Will post progress pictures.

Take care x

Friday, 10 August 2012


It was so hard getting out of bed this morning and now I'm so spaced out. It's day two without my pills again. This time it wasn't even my fault. I set an alarm on my calendar last time I picked up my prescription and it worked. I got the prescription in on time, I picked it up on time... to discover that the chemist next door now closes at lunch time. The only time I can get to the chemist! I start work before it opens and finish after it closes. Pain in the arse. So I'm just gonna have to figure out a way to go get them today, because this is silly! Was just starting to feel good again as well. Hopefully this won't knock me off course too much. I've got a fun weekend ahead and I want to enjoy it!

Take care x

Thursday, 9 August 2012


My highscore on Foursquare is a hundred and twenty three points. This weeks total is forty seven points.

I'm the mayor of one of my two work places, Bellini's restaurant, my house, Bambeans, Soundspace, Falafel Wales and Futsal.

My top places are my two work places, TESCO Extra, my house and Chapter.

My most explored categories are parks, Italian restaurants, food and drink shops, coffee shops, clothing stores and pubs.

Take care x

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Loss this week: 2lbs
Overall Loss: 8lbs
Pounds till target: 20lbs

Yay! I lost weight again! I wish I could do this quicker... 

Listening to the new Animal Collective song on the radio while I write this. Pretty good on first listen. Very different from their last two records. 

Bored of Transformers already. Finished the Decepticon's campaign. On the last level of the Autobot's campaign, but it's too bloody hard to complete! Multi-player is a bit limiting and keeps cutting out. Probably will get the sequel though. The create-a-character mode in the new one looks loads better. 

Fancy watching a film... or maybe watch some Fringe again. Haven't been watching much because of the Olympics. 

Playing through all the Kairosoft games on my Nexus 7 at the moment too :) Just clocked Kairobotica and Pocket Academy again. Now playing Grand Prix Story. Hope they sort out Game Dev Story for the Nexus 7 soon.

So that's about it for today. I need a wee.

Take care x

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Feeling a bit better again today. Laura and Ada are going round Laura's friend, Lisa's house tonight. I'm invited too, but don't think I'm gonna manage it to be honest. Think one more day of hiding at home is in order. I can just take my time cooking, play some Transformers, watch some Olympics...

Day on my own today in work has been good too. Not that I dislike who I'm working with. On the contrary, if we got to know each other a bit better, I'm sure we could be good friends. He seems like he's into all the same things as me. He wore a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt the other day and has an Avengers/Where The Wild Things Are mashup as his desktop. He's really, really in to football though :S and supports Swansea... :S

I'm gonna go get a cup of coffee now before I fall asleep.

Take care x